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BS01 series DC servo driver <br> Professional production of BS01 series low voltage DC servo motor driver, providing customized services for low voltage DC servo motor driver products.

BS01 series DC servo driver


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产品特点 Product Features

采用ARM高速芯片控制; Using ARM high-speed chip control;
采用FOC磁场定位控制技术和SVPWM; Adopt FOC magnetic field positioning control technology and SVPWM;
RS232调试软件,实时监控系统,支持参数上传、下载、保存; RS232 debugging software, real-time monitoring system, support parameter upload, download and save;
内置速度观测器,显著提高速度动态和稳定性能; Built-in speed observer, which significantly improves speed dynamics and stability performance;
高精度单圈绝对式14位磁编码器,单圈16384脉冲; High-precision single-turn absolute 14-bit magnetic encoder, single-turn 16384 pulses;
电子齿轮比调节功能,1~16; Electronic gear ratio adjustment function, 1 ~ 16;
供电电压+24~60VDC,可驱动30~400W低压交流伺服电机; Supply voltage + 24 ~ 60VDC, can drive 30 ~ 400W low voltage AC servo motor;
内置电流模式,速度模式,位置模式; Built-in current mode, speed mode, position mode;
优化控制性能,调试简单方便; Optimized control performance, simple and convenient debugging;
可提供摩擦补偿系数,提供伺服跟踪性能; Can provide friction compensation coefficient and servo tracking performance;
高可靠性,过压、过流、飞车、编码器异常等保护功能。 High reliability, protection functions such as overvoltage, overcurrent, speeding, encoder abnormality, etc.

参数 Performance parameters

project Minimum value Typical value Max unit
Voltage 20 36 60 V
Current 0 6 18 A
Logic input current 7 10 16 mA
Encoder power supply One 50 100 mA
Pulse frequency One
200 Khz
Position control accuracy One
± 1 One
Speed control accuracy One
± 3
Maximum acceleration (no load) One
150 One
r / ms2
positioning accuracy One
1/16384 One

产品尺寸 Product size

连接端口 Connection port

Terminal number symbol name Description
1 EN + Enable input positive The driver will cut off the current of each phase of the motor to make the motor in a free state. At this time, the pulse is not responded.
2 EN- Enable input negative
When this function is not needed, the enable signal terminal can be left floating. In addition, when the driver alarms, you can disable the re-enable and clear the alarm.
3 DIR + Positive direction input High / low level signal. In order to ensure the motor reversing, the direction signal should precede the pulse signal.
4 DIR- Direction negative input Established at least 5μs, DIR- ionization is usually 4-5V, 0-0.5V at low level
5 PUL + Pulse positive input Pulse control signal: pulse rising edge is valid; PUL- 4-5V at high level, 0-0.5V at low level
6 PUL- Pulse negative input μs,如采用+12V或+24V时需串电阻 In order to reliably respond to the pulse signal, the pulse width should be greater than 1.2 μs. If + 12V or + 24V is used, a series resistor is required.

故障说明 Troubleshooting
设定运行 Set operation

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