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29 series circular brushless motor
Product introduction:
、体积小、效率高、稳态速度误差小等特点在调速领域显示出优势。 DC brushless motor is a typical mechatronics product. When the load suddenly changes, it will not oscillate and lose steps. It has a wide speed range , small size, high efficiency, and small steady state speed error. The field shows advantages. 设备、研磨机械、医疗设备、家用电器、电动汽车、民用等领域。 Products are widely used in aircraft models, industrial automation equipment, grinding machinery, medical equipment, household appliances, electric vehicles, civilian and other fields.

29 series circular brushless motor

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产品特点 Product Features

造型美观、产品种类齐全; Beautiful appearance and complete product range;
体积小、高效率,低能耗; Small size, high efficiency and low energy consumption;
低噪音、低干扰、运行平稳; Low noise, low interference and stable operation;
低温升、使用寿命长、维护成本低; Low temperature rise, long service life and low maintenance cost;
可根据实际需求加工定制。 Can be customized according to actual needs.

规格参数 Specifications


Output power


(VDC) Voltage (VDC)

Rated torque


Rated speed


No-load speed


No-load current


Body length L



Can be equipped


Can be equipped



29BY010-24-30A 10 12/24 0.033 3000 3800 <0.3 50 Yes Yes BLD003A
20 12/24 0.067 3000 3800 <0.5
70 Yes Yes BLD003A

Product size

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