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BLD08-LRD Brushless Driver
Product introduction:
,具有多轴控制的RS-485通讯,广泛的速度控制范围,多种调速模式可选等功能。 BLD08-LRD brushless DC motor driver adopts advanced digital signal control technology design, perfect protection design, display alarm code, driving current up to 10A , RS-485 communication with multi-axis control, wide speed control range, Various speed regulation modes are available.

BLD08-LRD Brushless Driver


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产品特点 Product Features

全新设计,尺寸小巧; New design, compact size;

Drive current up to 10A;

多种调速模式可选; Various speed regulation modes are available;

Perfect protection design, display alarm code;

RS-485通讯多轴控制; RS-485 communication multi-axis control;

广泛的速度控制范围100~30000r/min。 Extensive speed control range from 100 to 30000r / min.

规格参数 Specifications

Parameter Minimum value Rating Max
(VDC) Input voltage (VDC) 20 twenty four 50
A Output current ( A ) One 8 10
(VDC) Overvoltage protection (VDC) One
(VDC) Under voltage protection (VDC) 14 One
(VDC) Input signal voltage (VDC) 4 5 twenty four
(VDC) Input analog voltage (VDC) One
RPM Speed control range ( RPM ) One

安装尺寸 Installation size

驱动器设置 Drive settings
驱动器连接 Drive connection

Terminal number Signal type Terminal lead color Signal name Signal description
1 input signal black 5V 5V output, can be connected to a potentiometer for external speed regulation
2 Black and white SV External potentiometer interface
3 blue PWM 接口 PWM (duty cycle) speed regulation, frequency speed regulation interface
4 Blue and white GND Control port ground
5 red FWD Turn the control wire in the forward direction, and the ground is effective
6 Brown REV 转动控制线,接地有效 Rotate the control wire in the opposite direction, and the ground is effective.
7 Brown and white M0 Multi-speed control line, effective grounding
8 Brown black M1 One
9 Orange M2 One
10 output signal Red and white SPD Open-drain output frequency, the frequency of different output of the motor magnetic pole will change accordingly
11 Green and white ALM Alarm output, the port is in a floating state during normal operation, this port will short-circuit with the public terminal after an alarm
12 green ALM-RST Alarm reset. When the driver fails, this port will be connected to the public end to clear the fault alarm.
13 Yellow black STB1 Maximum speed selection, floating = MAX4000r / min connected to GND = MAX10000r / min
14 yellow STB2 NC (unused)
15 Dark orange EG NC (unused)

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