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BLD06-HRD high voltage brushless driver
Product introduction:
6A,具有多轴控制的RS-485通讯,广泛的速度控制范围,多种调速模式可选等功能。 BLD06-HRD high-voltage DC brushless motor driver, using advanced digital signal control technology design, perfect protection design, display alarm code, driving current up to 6A, RS-485 communication with multi-axis control, wide speed control Various functions of speed regulation are available. It is widely used in various industries such as centrifuges.

BLD06-HRD high voltage brushless driver


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产品特点 Product Features

全新设计,体积小巧; New design, small size;

宽电源工作模式; Wide power supply mode;

驱动电流最大可达6A; Drive current up to 6A;

多种调速模式可选; Various speed regulation modes are available;

RS-485通讯多轴控制; RS-485 communication multi-axis control;

电磁刹车控制,保持力矩更大; Electromagnetic brake control, larger holding torque;

完善的保护设计,显示报警代码; Perfect protection design, display alarm code;

广泛的速度控制范围80~30000r/min。 Wide speed control range 80 ~ 30000r / min.

参数规格 Specifications

Parameter Minimum value Rating Max
Input voltage (VAC) 85 220 265
(A) Output current (A) One 4.5 6
(VAC) Overvoltage protection (VAC) One
(VAC) Under voltage protection (VAC) 85 One
(VDC) Input signal voltage (VDC) 3.3 5 twenty four
(VDC) Input analog voltage (VDC) 0 5 10
(RPM) Speed control range (RPM) 80 3000 30000

安装尺寸 Installation size

驱动器连接 Drive connection

Terminal number Signal type Signal name Signal description
1 Input signal CN2 5V 5V output, can be connected to a potentiometer for external speed regulation
2 SV External potentiometer interface
3 PWM PWM (duty cycle) speed regulation, frequency speed regulation interface
4 COM0 Control port ground (GND)
5 FWD Turn the control wire in the forward direction, and the ground is effective
6 REV Rotate the control wire in the opposite direction, and the ground is effective.
7 M0 Multi-speed control line, effective grounding
8 M1 One
9 M2 One
10 COM1 Control terminal power input port (+ 24V)
11 ALM-RST Alarm reset. When the driver fails, this port will clear the fault alarm when it is connected to the public terminal.
12 MB Electromagnetic brake enable control
Terminal number Signal type Signal name Signal description
1 Output signal CN1 24VDC + External 24V DC power supply positive input for electromagnetic brake
2 BRK-OUT Connect the positive pole of electromagnetic brake lead
3 24VDC- External 24V DC power supply negative input, connect to the negative pole of electromagnetic brake lead
4 SPD +

Pulse output per motor shaft revolution

Number of pulses refer to number of magnetic poles

5 SPD-
6 ALM +

Turns on when ALM occurs

OFF during normal operation

7 ALM-

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