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BLD050A brushless motor driver
Product introduction:
BLD050A is suitable for speed regulation of three-phase brushless DC motors with VDC 18 ~ 60V DC 50A or less. The design of this product adopts advanced digital signal processor control technology, which has the characteristics of large torque, low noise, small vibration, fast start and stop. At the same time, it has over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection functions. Functions such as manual speed adjustment, upper computer analog voltage speed adjustment, start and stop forward and reverse are realized. Simple application and simple operation.

BLD050A brushless motor driver


  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Installation size
  • Drive connection
  • Set to run
  • Speed regulation method

产品特点 Product Features

可应用于上位机(PLC或单片机)、PWM、频率和模拟量调速; Can be applied to host computer (PLC or single-chip computer), PWM, frequency and analog speed control;

可采用手动调速方式(内置电位器、外接电位器); Manual speed regulation can be used (built-in potentiometer, external potentiometer);

启动停止控制; Start and stop control;

过载保护设定:PC可设定不同功率的电机保护参数; Overload protection setting: PC can set motor protection parameters of different power;

高速力矩输出平稳,转速稳定; Stable high-speed torque output and stable speed;

过流、过压、欠压、堵转、霍尔信号非法、温度保护; Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, stall, illegal Hall signal, temperature protection;

速度信号输出; Speed signal output;

异常报警信号输出; abnormal alarm signal output;

欠电压(≤18V)、过热(>95℃)自动保护; Under voltage (≤18V), overheating (> 95 ℃) automatic protection;

具有刹车制动功能。 With brake braking function.

规格参数 Specifications

parameter Minimum value Rating Max
VDC Input voltage ( VDC ) 20 36 60
A Output current ( A ) 5 50 75
VDC Hall signal voltage ( VDC ) One 5 One
mA Hall drive current ( mA ) 10 20 50
Ω External potentiometer ( Ω ) One
10K One
VDC Input analog voltage ( VDC ) One
5 One
RPM Speed control ( RPM ) 150 3000 50000

安装尺寸 Installation size

驱动器连接 Drive connection

Terminal number Signal type Signal description
SPEED output signal Speed signal output port, corresponding to the motor running speed, output corresponding pulse frequency
ALARM Alarm signal output port, normally 5V, 0V when fault occurs
SV control signal External speed control input port. When the external potentiometer adjusts speed, the middle lead wire is connected here, and the two sides are connected to VCC and COM ports
COM Public port (low level )
F / R Motor rotation direction control port, when F / R port and COM port are disconnected, the motor rotates clockwise, and the short circuit closes counterclockwise.
EN Stop signal control port, the EN port and COM port are disconnected for the motor to stop slowly, and the short circuit is closed for normal operation.
BRK Motor fast brake signal port, disconnecting the BRK port from the COM port for fast braking, short circuit closing for normal operation
5V Hall signal
电源+ DC Brushless Motor Hall Power +
HU 信号HU Brushless DC Hall Signal HU
HV 信号HV Brushless DC Hall Signal HV
HW 信号HW Brushless DC Hall Signal HW
GND DC Brushless Motor Hall Power-
U Motor connection U相 Brushless DC motor U-phase
V V Brushless DC motor V phase
W W Brushless DC motor W phase
DC + Power connection (电压范围DC18V~DC60V Positive pole of DC power input terminal (voltage range: DC18V ~ DC60V )
DC- DC power input negative

设定运行 Set operation

调速方法 Speed regulation method

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