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BD008NRD digital display brushless driver
Product introduction:
板设计了操作保护与正转反转一键切换。 The digital display BD008NRD brushless motor controller is rich in function settings. It can monitor parameters such as speed, current, voltage, and temperature in real time. In order to better enhance the user experience, the panel is designed to switch between operation protection and forward and reverse. Adopt rotary code disk speed adjustment to achieve the highest level of speed control requirements.

BD008NRD digital display brushless driver


  • Features
    • Panel introduction
      • Drive connection
          • Installation size
              • Speed setting
                  • Start selection

  • Speed mode
    • Function settings
      • Signal diagnosis

        产品特点 Product Features

        智能显示多种参数; 输出功率:30-200W; Intelligent display of various parameters; Output power: 30-200W;
        调速范围:80-3000RPM; 额定转速波动低至0.05%; Speed adjustment range: 80-3000RPM; Rated speed fluctuation as low as 0.05%;
        转速精确至1r/min刻度调节设定; 丰富的功能设定; Accurate speed adjustment to 1r / min scale adjustment; Various function settings;
        面板操作保护设计; 正反转一键切换; Panel operation protection design; One-button switch between forward and reverse;
        可控制电机4段速运行; 智能监控故障代码。 ◆ It can control the motor to run at 4 speeds. Intelligent monitoring fault code.

        驱动器连接 Drive connection

        Serial number Terminal name Signal name Description
        1 SPD + SPD +

        Pulse output per motor shaft revolution

        Number of pulses refer to number of magnetic poles

        2 SPD-
        3 ALM- ALM-

        Turns on when ALM occurs

        OFF during normal operation

        4 ALM +
        ALM +
        5 PWM PWM
        PWM frequency speed input
        6 COM1 COM1
        Control power 0V
        7 X3 M1 Multi-speed setting
        8 X2 M0 Multi-speed setting
        9 X1 REV Motor REV rotation
        10 X0 FWD Motor FWD direction rotation
        11 COM0 COM0 Control power + 5V

        安装尺寸 Installation size

        面板简介 Panel Introduction

        速度设定 Speed setting

        启动选择 Startup selection

        调速方式 Speed regulation method

        功能设定 Function setting

        信号诊断 Signal diagnosis

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