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BMD72T2 two-phase stepper driver

Product introduction:

大力矩输出,低速低振动,低噪声,低发热等优良特性,是当前行业业同类产品中特性表现最优异的一 款产品。 BMD72T2 has a two-phase stepper motor driver with excellent performance. It is used to adapt to 60, 86 two-phase stepper motors, so that the motor has high speed and large torque output, low speed and low vibration, low noise, low heat and other excellent characteristics. The product with the best performance among similar products in the industry .

BMD72T2 two-phase stepper driver

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Installation size
  • Mechanical connection
  • Set to run

产品特点 Product Features
规格参数 Specifications
安装尺寸 Installation size
机械连接 Mechanical connection

设定运行 Set operation

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