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BMD42L2 two-phase stepper driver

Product introduction:

低的一款产品。 BMD42L2 stepper motor driver is a two-phase stepper motor driver with extremely high reliability. It is the product with the lowest repair rate among the products currently sold in the industry . 可启动自保护以确保不被损坏。 Thanks to its excellent over-current and over-voltage protection topology, it can start self-protection to ensure that it is not damaged even under extremely high speed and moderate over-voltage conditions . 电机。 BMD42L2 two-phase stepper motor driver is suitable for various types of two-phase hybrid stepper motors with sizes of 57,60 .

BMD42L2 two-phase stepper driver

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • Installation size
  • Mechanical connection
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产品特点 Product Features
规格参数 Specifications
安装尺寸 Installation size
机械连接 Mechanical connection

设定运行 Set operation

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