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BLD05HR high voltage brushless driver

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式,具备过电流、过电压、欠电压、霍尔错误保护等保护功能。 BLD05HR DC brushless motor driver is a high-voltage and high-power DC brushless motor control product. You can choose potentiometer speed, analog speed, pulse speed and other methods , with over current, over voltage, under voltage, Protection functions such as Hall error protection. Widely used in a variety of machinery and equipment industries.

BLD05HR high voltage brushless driver


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产品特点 Product Features

电机极对数选择 加/减速时间设定 Motor pole pair selection Acceleration / deceleration time setting

最大电流输出设定 内置电位器RV调速控制 Maximum current output setting Built-in potentiometer RV speed control

外接电位器调速控制 外部模拟量调速控制 External potentiometer speed control External analog speed control

脉冲频率调速控制 电流、速度双闭环控制 Pulse frequency speed control Current and speed double closed loop control

PWM占空比调速控制 RS-485通讯设定 PWM duty cycle speed control RS-485 communication setting

各种报警指示 Various alarm indications

规格参数 Specifications

电气参数 Electrical parameters

Parameter Minimum value Rating Max
Input voltage (VAC) 180 220 265
(A) Output current (A) One 4 8
(V) Hall signal voltage (V) One
(mA) Hall drive current (mA) 12 One
(Ω) External potentiometer (Ω) One
10K One
(VDC) Input analog voltage (VDC) One
(RPM) Speed control range (RPM) One
3000 20000

环境参数 Environmental parameters

envirnmental factor Environmental indicators
cooling method Free cooling or forced air cooling
Use occasion Try to avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Operating temperature 70 ℃
environment humidity 90% RH (no condensation and water drops)
shock 5.9m / s2 Max
storage temperature 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

安装尺寸 Installation size

机械连接 Mechanical connection

Terminal number Signal type Signal description
COM 信号 Control signal External terminal of power supply (eg: PLC24V output port)
PWM Pulse frequency / duty-cycle speed regulating signal input port, set speed regulating mode by SW1, SW2 dial
GND Control ground port (common)
SV External speed control input port, the middle lead-out terminal is connected here when external potentiometer speed control, both sides are connected to + 5V and GND ports
5V + Built-in 5V voltage port, which can be connected to a potentiometer for external speed regulation
SPEED The speed signal output port, corresponding to the running speed of the motor, outputs the corresponding pulse frequency. This port is an open-drain output.
ALM Alarm signal output port, this port is open-drain output, no alarm is high level; alarm is low level
ARST Fault reset input port. When the driver fails, this port will be connected to GND to clear the fault alarm.
BRK 电机 为快速刹车 ,短接闭合为正常运行 Motor fast brake signal port, BRK port is disconnected from GND port, motor is fast brake , short circuit closed for normal operation
EN Stop signal control terminal. When the EN port is disconnected from the GND port, the motor will stop slowly, and the short circuit will be closed for normal operation.
F / R Motor rotation direction control port. The F / R port is disconnected from the GND port. The motor rotates clockwise, and the short circuit closes counterclockwise.
REF + Motor connection 电源线 DC Brushless Motor Hall Signal Power Cord
HU, HV, HW HU、HV、HW Brushless DC Hall Signal HU, HV, HW
REF- 接地线 Hall signal ground wire of DC brushless motor
U, V, W DC brushless motor U, V, W phases
AC1 Power connection AC power access (voltage range: 180 ~ 265VAC)
AC2 AC power access
EG Reliable grounding

设定运行 Set operation

Debug mode SW1 SW2
Built-in potentiometer for speed regulation OFF OFF
External analog voltage / external potentiometer speed regulation ON OFF
PWM speed regulation OFF ON
Pulse frequency speed regulation ON ON

调速方式 Speed regulation method

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