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BMD78T3 three-phase stepper driver

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电机,最大可提供7.8A的电流输出,从而使步进电机在非常高的转速场合下仍有大力矩输出,同时在低 速运转的场合下,具有超静音,低发热等优良特性,是当前行业同类产品中特性表现最为优异的一款产 品。 BMD78T3 three-phase stepper motor driver is an ultra-quiet, high torque, high-division three-phase stepper motor driver, suitable for 57 and 86 three-phase stepper motors, which can provide a maximum current output of 7.8A, so The motor still has a large torque output at very high speeds, and at the same time , it has super quiet, low heat and other excellent characteristics at low speeds . It is the most outstanding product among similar products in the industry .

BMD78T3 three-phase stepper driver

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产品特点 Product Features
规格参数 Specifications
安装尺寸 Installation size
机械连接 Mechanical connection

设定运行 Set operation

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