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BM02N two-phase stepper motor driver

Product introduction

BM02N stepper motor driver is a cost-effective two-phase stepper motor driver, which can provide a maximum current output of 2.0A. With large torque, low noise, low vibration and other characteristics, it is suitable for various 2 phase or 4 phase hybrid stepping motors.

BM02N two-phase stepper motor driver


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产品特点 Product Features

BM02N低噪声,高速大转矩特性; BM02N电流设定方便,八档可选; BM02N low noise, high speed and large torque characteristics; BM02N current setting is convenient, eight gears are optional;
供电电压12VAC-36VDC; BM02N具有过流,过温保护功能; Supply voltage 12VAC-36VDC; BM02N has over current and over temperature protection functions;
输出电流峰值可达2.0A; BM02N静止时电流自动减半; ◆ The peak value of output current can reach 2.0A; ◆ When the BM02N is at rest, the current is automatically halved;
可选择脉冲上升沿或下降沿触发; 光电隔离差分信号输入,响应频率最高200K; Pulse rising edge or falling edge trigger can be selected; Photoelectric isolation differential signal input, the response frequency is up to 200K;
细分精度1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128倍细分可选; Subdivision accuracy 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 times subdivision optional;

规格参数 Specifications

电气参数 Electrical parameters

Category Minimum value Rating Max
(A) Output current (A) 0.25 One 2.0
V Input power supply voltage ( V ) 12VDC VDC 24 VDC
(m A) Logic input current (m A) 7 10 16
Hz Stepping pulse frequency ( Hz ) 0 One
Insulation resistance ( ) 500 One

环境参数 Environmental parameters

envirnmental factor Environmental indicators
cooling method Free cooling or forced air cooling
Use occasion Avoid dust, oil mist and corrosive gases
Ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Operating temperature 70 ℃
environment humidity ~90%RH(不能结露和有水珠) 40% to 90% RH (no condensation or water drops)
shock 2 Max 5.9m / s 2 Max
Storage temperature 50 -20 ℃ ~ + 50
外形尺寸 Dimensions

驱动器连接 Drive connection

Name BM82H two-phase stepper motor driver
VCC (+ 5V)

Pulse signal: Pulse control signal. At this time, the rising edge of the pulse is valid. PUL- 4-5V at high level and 0-0.5V at low level. For reliable response, the pulse width is greater than 1.5μs.

If + 12V or 24V is used, a series resistor (1K or 2K) is required to limit the current.

VCC (+ 5V)

Direction signal: high / low level signal, corresponding to the forward and reverse of the motor. In order to ensure the reliable response of the motor, the direction signal should be established at least 1.5 μs before the pulse signal.

The initial running direction of the motor is related to the wiring of the motor. Interchanging any phase winding (such as A +, A-) can change the initial running direction of the motor.

VCC + (+ 5V)
Enable signal: This input signal is used to enable / disable, enable at high level, the driver cannot work at low level. Under normal circumstances, it can be left unconnected, and it is automatically enabled when it is left floating.
GND DC power input negative
+ V DC power input, any between 12VDC ~ 36VDC, but the recommended value is about 24VDC
A Motor A phase. A +, A- intermodulation, can change the motor running direction
B Motor B phase. B +, B- intermodulation, can change the motor running direction
电流设定 Current setting

SW1-SW3三位拨码开关用于设置电机运行工作电流(动态电流),SW4拨码开关用于设置电机静止时的电流(静态电流或保持电流)。 SW1-SW3 three-position DIP switch is used to set the operating current (dynamic current) of the motor, and SW4 DIP switch is used to set the current (static current or holding current) when the motor is stationary. A total of 8 current levels can be set with the 3-position DIP switch.

Peak (A) SW1 SW2 SW3
0.50 ON OFF
0.75 OFF
1.00 ON ON OFF
1.25 OFF
1.50 ON OFF
1.75 OFF
2.00 ON ON ON

全流/半流锁定 Full-flow / half-flow lock
The quiescent current can be set with the SW4 switch. OFF means that the quiescent current is set to about half of the dynamic current (actually 60%). ON means that the quiescent current is the same as the dynamic current. In general, SW4 should be set to OFF, so as to reduce the heating of the motor and stepper motor driver and improve the service life. About 0.2 seconds after the pulse stops, the current will be automatically reduced to 60% of the set value, and the calorific value is theoretically reduced to 36% (heat generation is proportional to the square of the current).

细分设定 Subdivision settings

细分精度由SW5~SW8四位拨码开关设定 ◆ The subdivision precision is set by SW5 ~ SW8 four-digit DIP switch

Subdivision multiple Pulses / revolution SW5 SW6 SW7
1 200 ON ON ON
2 400 OFF ON ON
4 800 ON OFF ON
8 1600 OFF
16 3200 ON ON
32 6400 OFF ON
64 12800 ON
128 25600 OFF OFF OFF

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