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57 series closed loop stepper motor
Product introduction:
The closed-loop stepper motor adopts a new generation of patented technology, which perfectly integrates servo control technology into the stepper motor. It is especially suitable for applications with high torque, high positioning accuracy, high acceleration and deceleration, high reliability, and low heat requirements.

57 series closed loop stepper motor


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产品特点 Product Features

内置增量编码器; Built-in incremental encoder;
适配对应该闭环步进电机驱动器; Adapt to the corresponding closed-loop stepper motor driver;
电机温升小,能耗低; ◆ The motor has a small temperature rise and low energy consumption;
闭环步进电机运转平稳,振动小; Closed-loop stepper motor runs smoothly with low vibration;
响应速度快,适合频繁启动和停止。 Fast response speed, suitable for frequent starting and stopping.

规格参数 Specifications

Specifications Static torque (Nm) (A) Phase current (A) (Ω) Resistance (Ω) (mH) Phase inductance (mH) (mm) Shaft diameter (mm) (mm) Shaft length L1 (mm) (mm) Body length L (mm)



BT57H201A 0.6 3 0.4 1 8 19 59 1000
1.2 4.2 0.4 1.4 8 19 74 1000
2.2 4.2 0.55 2.0 8 19 94 1000
3 4.5 0.6 1.8 8 20 116 1000

产品尺寸 Product size

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