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57 series low voltage DC servo motor <br> Low voltage DC servo motor products,
It has the characteristics of high performance, low cost and high reliability.
At the same time of high-precision revolution control, position accuracy is controlled.
The encoder is plug-and-play and requires no settings.
High precision, high speed and high response.
Improve the efficiency of automation equipment.

57 series low voltage DC servo motor


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产品特点 Product Features

输出力大、速度高、响应快、惯量小、转动平稳、扭矩稳定; High output force, high speed, fast response, small inertia, stable rotation and stable torque;
电子换相方式灵活,可以方波换相或正弦波换相; Electronic commutation mode is flexible, square wave commutation or sine wave commutation can be used;
高效率、工作温度低、噪音低、电磁辐射低、使用寿命长,可用于各种环境; High efficiency, low working temperature, low noise, low electromagnetic radiation, long service life, can be used in various environments;
可以选择各种反馈元件,包括增量编码器、绝对值编码器和旋变; Can choose various feedback components, including incremental encoder, absolute encoder and resolver;
提供定制化方案服务。 Provide customized solution services.

规格参数 Specifications

Specifications 57BTAS-050N30 57BTAS-100N30
Rated speed (RPM) 3000
(P) Number of encoder lines (P) 1000
(mm) Flange size (mm) 57x57
(mm) Body length L (mm) 78.8 108.8 140
(W) Rated power (W) 50 100 150
(V) Input voltage (V) DC24 DC24
(P) Phase number (P) 3
(Nm) Rated torque (Nm) 0.14 0.33 0.5
(Nm) Torque (Nm) 0.42 1.0 1.5
(A) Rated current (A) 2 4.5 7
(A) Maximum current (A) 6 12 twenty one

产品尺寸 Product size

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