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Difference between Hall motor and Hallless motor

1. Principle:

The Hall type judges the current motor movement status based on the Hall model of the motor, and then the controller controls the three-phase output of the controller to supply power to the motor based on the signal collected by the Hall to allow the motor to continue to work normally.

The Hall-less type is a motor without a Hall sensor. The controller determines the current motion state of the motor through current collection, and then controls the controller output to supply power to the motor, allowing the motor to compete for production.

2. Role:

There are Hall-type motors and controllers that are stable during use, high torque at startup, and no abnormal noise.

Due to technical problems, Hall-less motors and controllers are not very stable at present, especially in the initial stage, they have poor stability and insufficient power.

3. Power consumption:

有刷电机 ,耗电比较大,有霍尔的是无刷电机,通过开关管来实行驱动电机的比较省电而且驱动能力比较大 The brushless motor with no Hall is relatively large in power consumption, and the brushless motor with Hall is relatively low power. The driving of the motor through the switching tube is more power saving and has a larger driving capacity.

4. Cost:

Hallless motors are low in cost because they do not use Hall, let alone Hall brackets.

The cost of a Hall motor is higher than that of a Hallless motor, and the structure is more complicated than a Hallless motor.

Effect: precise commutation with Hall control , following rotation angle and speed control.

Without Hall, the Hall is usually broken . The algorithm of the controller estimates the commutation, allowing the car to run, but the commutation accuracy is low, the efficiency is low, and the power is waste .

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