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Select stepper motor according to the use environment

The use of stepper motors is limited by the temperature and humidity of the work site, and its use is not limited to indoors. (办公自动化设备)机器一般用于屋内环境良好的场所,步进电机使用环境处于密封状态;但应用于汽车和 FA (工业自动化设备)机器时,也会处于多尘埃的环境;或置于屋外的机器(监视器等);或在高温的环境下使用。 OA (office automation equipment) machines are generally used in places with good environmental conditions in the house, and the use environment of stepper motors is sealed; however , they are also in dusty environments when applied to automobiles and FA (industrial automation equipment) machines; Machines (monitors, etc.) outdoors; or use in high temperature environments. The standard models of stepper motor manufacturers are described in the catalog. For special orders, please consult with the manufacturer.

⒈Ambient temperature

E 机电机比较多。 Stepper motors have more insulation class E motors . 级使用环境温度为 50 ℃,电机的温升在 70 ℃以下,线圈温度应不超过 120 ℃。 The E -class use ambient temperature is 50 ℃, the temperature rise of the motor is below 70 ℃, and the coil temperature should not exceed 120 ℃. When a stepper motor is actually installed, it is usually mounted on a metal base plate or an outer wall. At this time, the metal box installed with the stepper motor can perform the function of heat dissipation, and the temperature rise is smaller than that when the motor is measured separately.

The measures to control the temperature are to add an external cooling fan or stop or slow down the motor to run. B 级、 F 级或 H 级为好。 When the motor is running at high temperature, the insulation level of the coil is preferably B , F or H. At this time, not only the insulation level is improved, but bearing grease or permanent magnets must be resistant to high temperatures.


Determine the temperature and humidity, usually without the dew condensation. At this time, the rust and corrosion of the iron core and the permanent magnet are mainly considered. HB 型步进电机在高温多湿条件下,定子与转子间的气隙处绝对不能出现生锈现象,改善使用环境,使其不要超过生产厂规定的环境要求。 In particular, under high temperature and humidity conditions, the HB stepper motor must not rust at the air gap between the stator and the rotor. Improve the use environment so that it does not exceed the environmental requirements specified by the manufacturer. Consult with the manufacturer if there are special requirements.


The dust-proof type is mainly used in the conductive and bearing places to prevent it from being intruded by dust. Most of the coils, lead wires, and bearing parts are protected by rubber or resin. Consult with the manufacturer at this time.

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