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Attentions and application scenarios of stepper motors

、步进电机应用于低速场合 --- 每分钟转速不超过 1000 转,( 0.9 度时 6666PPS) ,最好在 1000-3000PPS(0.9 度)间使用,可通过减速装置使其在此间工作,此时电机工作效 率高,噪音低; 1. Stepper motor is used in low-speed occasions --- the speed per minute does not exceed 1000 rpm ( 6666PPS at 0.9 degrees ) , it is best to use between 1000-3000PPS (0.9 degrees), can be made to work here through the reduction device, At this time, the motor has high working efficiency and low noise;

、步进电机最好不使用整步状态,整步状态时振动大; 2. It is better not to use the full-step state for stepping motors, and the vibration during the full-step state is large;

、由于历史原因,只有标称为 12V 电压的电机使用 12V 外,其他电机的电压值不是驱动电压伏值,可根据驱动器选择驱动电压,当然 12 伏的电压除 12V 恒压驱动外也可以采用其他驱动电源, 不过要考虑温升; 3. For historical reasons, only 12V rated motors use 12V . The voltage value of other motors is not the driving voltage. You can choose the driving voltage according to the driver. Of course, 12V voltage can be used in addition to 12V constant voltage driving. Other drive power sources, but consider temperature rise;

、转动惯量大的负载应选择大机座号电机; 4. For the load with large moment of inertia, a large frame size motor should be selected;

、电机在较高速或大惯量负载时,一般不在工作速度起动,而采用逐渐升频提速,一电机不失步,二可以减少噪音同时可以提高停止的定位精度; 5. When the motor is at a relatively high speed or a large inertia load, it is generally not started at the working speed. Instead, the frequency is gradually increased to increase the speed. One motor does not lose steps. The other can reduce noise and improve the positioning accuracy of the stop.

、高精度时,应通过机械减速、提高电机速度 , 或采用高细分数的驱动器来解决,也可以采用 5 相电机,不过其整个系统的价格较贵,生产厂家少,其被淘汰的说法是外行话; 6. For high precision, it should be solved by mechanical deceleration, increasing the speed of the motor , or using a driver with a high number of subdivisions. A 5- phase motor can also be used , but the entire system is more expensive and there are fewer manufacturers. The saying is layman;

、电机不应在振动区内工作,如若必须可通过改变电压、电流或加一些阻尼的解决; 7. The motor should not work in the vibration zone. If necessary, it can be solved by changing the voltage, current or adding some damping;

、电机在 600PPS 0.9 度)以下工作,应采用小电流、大电感、低电压来驱动; 8. If the motor works below 600PPS ( 0.9 degree), it should be driven by small current, large inductance and low voltage;

、应遵循先选电机后选驱动的原则。 9. The principle of selecting the motor first and then the drive should be followed.

Application scenario

It is mainly used in digital control systems with high accuracy and reliable operation. If position detection and speed feedback are used, closed-loop control can also be implemented. Stepping motors have been widely used in digital control systems, such as digital-to-analog converters, CNC machine tools, computer peripherals, automatic recorders, clocks, etc., and also in industrial automation production lines, printing equipment, etc.

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