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Application of brushless motors in computer peripherals, office automation equipment, digital consumer electronics

In terms of quantity, this is the field with the most application of DC brushless motors, which has occupied an irreplaceable position. CD-ROM DVD-ROM 等光盘驱动器、传真机、复印机、磁带记录仪、电影摄像机、高保真录音机和电唱机的主轴和附属运动的控制等。 For example, in digital printers, floppy disk drives, hard disk drives, CD-ROM and DVD-ROM, such as optical drives, fax machines, copiers, tape recorders, movie cameras, high-fidelity recorders and record players, the control of the spindle and auxiliary motion.

Single-phase DC brushless fans have also been widely used in computer peripherals, office automation equipment, and other automation equipment, which have largely occupied the original AC fan market.

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