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Application of brushless motors in household appliances

At present, inverter household appliances represented by inverter air conditioners, inverter refrigerators, and inverter washing machines have gradually entered China's consumer market. And the frequency conversion household appliances are changing from "AC frequency conversion" to commonly known as "DC frequency conversion", which is an obvious development trend. VVVF 装置供电的感应电动机,现已被永磁直流无刷电机及其控制器所取代。 This change is actually the motor used for inverter household inverter inverter air conditioner compressors, inverter refrigerator compressors, indoor and outdoor fans for air conditioning, fresh air ventilation fans, and inverter washing machines. In the past, they were single-phase induction motors or induction motors powered by VVVF devices. It has been replaced by permanent magnet DC brushless motor and its controller. This shift from "AC frequency conversion" to "DC frequency conversion" has enabled frequency conversion household appliances to have new improvements in energy saving, high efficiency, low noise, comfort, and intelligence. 年至今我国变频空调器发展迅速,我国空调器开始了直流化进程。 Since 1998 , China's inverter air conditioners have developed rapidly, and China's air conditioners have started a DC process. Brushless DC The machine can obtain higher efficiency in a larger speed range, which is more suitable for the needs of home appliances. The full DC of the inverter air conditioners in Japan has been mass-produced. China's variable frequency compressor manufacturers have begun to use DC brushless motors instead of three-phase AC induction motors. So-called full DC air conditioners that use permanent magnet DC brushless motors to drive compressors and indoor and outdoor fans will appear. Comfortable.

In addition, under special environmental conditions, such as humid, vacuum, and hazardous locations, in order to improve the reliability of the system, a DC brushless motor is used. Among them, the military and aerospace fields are the first applications of DC brushless motors.

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