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Torque Calculation of DC Brushless Motor Driver

DC brushless motor driver is a carbon brushless motor among DC motors. It has these related factors like other types of motors: motor power, transmission ratio, speed, voltage, current, torque.

When we are looking for a brushless DC motor, if we do not know how much power or torque to choose. On the one hand, we can communicate with the technicians of manufacturers of brushless motors and ask for help in your selection. On the one hand, we can also calculate it by the moment formula. The torque of DC brushless motor can be calculated.

We have learned about physics. In physics, torque refers to the tendency of the force to rotate an object about a rotation axis or a fulcrum. -米(NM)。 The unit of torque is Newton -meters (NM). The torque Greek letter is T. The concept of torque originated from Archimedes' research on leverage. Rotational torque is also called torque or torque. Torque can cause an object to change its rotational motion, while torsion involves torque.

The brushless motor is mainly used to generate driving torque. As a power source for electrical appliances or various machinery, its main role is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. Under the action of the torque of the mechanical equipment equipped with the brushless motor, the position or angle of the object will change. Therefore, it can be calculated according to the definition formula of Archie moment. T)=功率(P)*9.8/转数(N),或者互相转换因素也可以这样子:T*转数/9.8=功率。 That is, torque ( T) = power (P) * 9.8 / number of revolutions (N), or mutual conversion factors can also be like this: T * number of revolutions / 9.8 = power. We do not want to take Bangtu's DC brushless motor as an example to show it to everyone.

1000W时,而电机的转数为3000转/分,则有1000*9.8/3000=3.27NM.,或者知道了无刷电机的力矩T,要求功率时,则可以这样子:3.27NM*3000/9.8≈1000W。 For example, when the power of the brushless DC motor we selected is 1000W, and the number of revolutions of the motor is 3000 rpm, there is 1000 * 9.8 / 3000 = 3.27NM. Or we know the torque T of the brushless motor, and the required power When, it can be like this: 3.27NM * 3000 / 9.8≈1000W. This is the formula for calculating the torque of DC brushless motors. Different types of motor torque have different calculation formulas, such as the torque calculation formula of ordinary asynchronous motors T = 9550 * P / N, everyone must pay attention to distinguish.

The technology of Bangtu brushless motor has been continuously improved. After the advent of DC brushless motor, its own advantages are more obvious, especially compared with the traditional brushed motor, you will find that the advantages are even more. Now Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturers will come to understand with you further, what are some of its specific advantages? To correctly understand the situation of various aspects of DC brushless motors and make a choice based on this, then there will be more benefits for everyone, so everyone should really consider it in the selection process This aspect. Do a good job of understanding the specific advantages, then you will be more secure in the process of making decisions.

In the application process of the brushless motor, the carbon brush is removed, so when it is used, there is no organic carbon brush, and the sparks generated during the operation are directly reduced, and various interferences are not so large. In the application of brushless motors, the friction is relatively small. Traditional brushed motors, in the process of application, need to open the motor to clean the carbon brushes, which is not only time-consuming and laborious, but also really troublesome during the entire maintenance process, and even some people think that such a maintenance job is Like a home cleaning, it will directly affect some of the next uses.

DC brushless motors have no carbon brushes, so in the process of use, the friction is relatively small, the overall operation will be smoother, and the noise will be much lower. One of these advantages is that for us to use Say there will be greater support. In the process of application, we can really bring more help and also bring us better results. When each place is in use, we can correctly understand these specific aspects, so that we can have better results in the entire application process.


Brushless motors have been used in many places, because after the carbon brushes are removed, the overall wear and tear is mainly in the composition, and throughout the entire process, the maintenance process will be simpler, only in some cases. Next, some dust cleaning and maintenance can be done, which will be relatively simpler. In the process of use, these convenience levels are generally incomparable with other equipment, and with the control cost of this brushless, relatively speaking, it is continuously reduced, so there are whole options in the entire market trend Aspects have been demanded by the market, and people should have a good understanding of these aspects in the process of application.

Generally, some users say that brushless DC motors and stepper motors are too similar, and are they interchangeable. In fact, brushless motors and stepper motors are similar in appearance, and the principles are different.

The advantages of DC brushless motors compared to stepper motors: Brushless motors generally operate at high speeds, stepper motors have low operating speeds, and there is little difference in volume. However, the more significant advantage of DC brushless motors is that they are energy-saving and convenient. The service life is also much longer than stepper motors. ,其它有关直流无刷电机热门话题,可关注邦拓运控智能科技有限公司 In addition to the torque calculation of brushless motors , other hot topics about brushless DC motors, you can pay attention to Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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