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To answer the question, brushless motor manufacturers are much smaller than traditional brushed motors.

For a long time, the suppliers of brushless motor manufacturers will use a great advantage of countless motors as a selling point. As one of the important reasons to replace the traditional brushed motors, at the same power, the brushless motors are larger small.

How much smaller is a brushless motor than a conventional brushed motor?

At the same power, the size of the brushless motor is much smaller than that of the brushed motor, and this gap will gradually open as the power increases. The largest gap can reach 30%.

So some customers have doubts. What is the use of brushless motors smaller than brushed motors? For the following equipment with exposed motor installations, the influence of volume is indeed much smaller. But for some customers who want to install the motor inside the equipment, volume is a primary consideration. Especially on some high-precision instruments, the precision requirements of the motor are high, and the volume also has certain requirements, then the Mega brushless gear motor is the first choice. The small size of the brushless motor can not only provide more options for some customers who have certain requirements for volume installed inside the equipment, but also can optimize the structure of traditional machinery, because many times because of the volume problem of traditional brushed motors, When designing a product, you must make some concessions elsewhere to free up space to install a motor on the device. The emergence of brushless motors can precisely break this rule. Customers can maximize In order to reduce the obstacles caused by the volume of the motor to the equipment, the structure of the equipment can be rationalized as much as possible.
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