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Brushless motor manufacturers tell you how brushless motors work?

In a typical DC motor, there are permanent magnets on the outside and a rotating armature on the inside. Permanent magnets are stationary, so they are called stators. The armature rotates, so it is called a rotor.

The armature contains an electromagnet. When you run electrical energy on this electromagnet, it generates a magnetic field in the armature, attracting and repelling brushless motor manufacturers to repel the magnet in the stator. So the armature rotates 180 degrees. To keep rotating, you must replace the poles of the electromagnet. Brushes handle this polarity change. Its brushless motor manufacturers are in contact with two rotating electrodes attached to the armature and flip the magnetic polarity of the electromagnet as it rotates.

This design is effective, simple and cheap to manufacture, but it has many problems:

With the advent of cheap computers and power transistors, it is possible to “brush in motor manufacturers” and eliminate brushes. In a brushless DC motor (BLDC), a permanent magnet is placed on the rotor and an electromagnet is moved onto the stator. A computer (connected to a high-power transistor) is then used to charge the electromagnet as the shaft rotates. This system has various advantages:

How does a brushless motor work?

The only disadvantage of a brushless motor is its higher initial cost, but you can recover the cost of the brushless motor manufacturer with higher efficiency during the life of the motor.
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