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Brushless motor manufacturers detect brushless motor controllers for you

Use the resistance of a multimeter or two brushless motor manufacturers to measure the resistance of the controller's positive and negative power supply. The resistance value between the incoming line of the brushless motor manufacturer and the three wires of the motor should be basically the same. If the resistance values of the wires are not the same, it means that the controller is damaged. If the resistance value is normal, then check whether the 5v voltage value of the Hall handle is normal, otherwise the brushless controller is damaged.

How to detect the quality of Hall parts

First connect the 1 pin of the Hall element to the 5v power supply. 2 The ground of the brushless motor manufacturer. The 3 pin is connected to the output. Then connect the power supply. Connect the multimeter to 3 pin to measure the output voltage. Then use the magnet pole to approach the front of the Hall component and observe The output voltage of the multimeter, and then change another magnetic pole is approaching, observe whether the voltage jumps, if the voltage jumps, it means that the Hall element is good, if there is no voltage change, it means that the Hall element is bad
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