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Brushless motor driver manufacturers introduce the characteristics of miniature DC brushless motors

1. Miniature brushless motors have all the advantages of traditional DC motors, while eliminating the carbon brush and slip ring structure; so brushless motors have no radiation. Can replace DC motor speed control, variable frequency motor speed control, replace asynchronous motor + deceleration brushless motor manufacturer machine speed control;

2. It can run at low speed and high power, which can save the reducer to directly drive large loads;

3.Small size, light weight and large output;

4. Excellent torque characteristics, good medium and low speed torque performance, large starting torque and small starting current

5. Stepless speed regulation, wide speed regulation range, strong overload capacity;

6. Soft start, soft stop, and brake brushless motor manufacturers have good characteristics, which can save the original mechanical brake or electromagnetic brake device;

7, high efficiency, the motor itself has no excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminating multi-stage deceleration consumption, the comprehensive power saving rate can reach 20% ~ 60%;

8, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple repair and maintenance;

9, resistance to bump vibration, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation, long life;

10. No radio interference, no spark, especially suitable for explosive places;

11. Optional trapezoidal wave magnetic field motor and positive spin wave magnetic field motor are available.
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