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Competitive analysis report of brushless motor manufacturers

What aspects of brushless motor manufacturers need to pay attention to? The following is an analysis of brushless motor manufacturers by Dongguan Bangtuo Transport Control:

Competitive analysis report of brushless motor manufacturers

1. The voltage we choose is directly input from our original voltage, so there is no need to buy high-voltage drivers to drive brushless and brushless motors.

2. What is the distance between this manufacturer and yourself, what is the arrival time, and what courier logistics are used? These will not affect the installation of the brushless and brushless motor installation time;

3. Look at the establishment time and registered capital of this brushless motor manufacturer. Does your competitors use this manufacturer's brushless motor?

4. The condition of the brushless motor prototype, according to the test, score the product of this brushless motor manufacturer;

5. How professional is the experience of the technical engineers of the brushless motor manufacturers. Many times, when the product is not divided up and down, an engineer with good technical experience and good service consciousness can solve many of our technologies when using brushless motors. problem.

We at Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. have many years of technical experience in the motor drive industry. We are very familiar with the motors used in various industries and have a strong sense of service. We always patiently answer customer questions about brushless motors. Looking forward to working with you in good faith.

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