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Is the brush or brushless motor easy to use? Brushless motor manufacturers say

There are many differences between brushed motors and brushless motors. You can see from the name that brushed motors have carbon brushes, and brushless motors do not have carbon brushes.
Let's take a look at the following comparison of brushed motors and brushless motors
1. Service life:
Brushless motor: It can work continuously for about 20,000 hours, and the normal service life is 7-10 years.
Brushed motor: can work continuously for about 5,000 hours, with a normal service life of 2-3 years.

2. Use effect:
Brushless motor: It runs at a high speed of 90-95m / s, and the actual effect can reach the dry time of 5-7s.
Brushed motor: running speed and dry time are much lower than brushless motor.

3. Energy saving:
Relatively speaking, the power consumption of brushless motor is only 1/3 of carbon brush.

4. Noise and service life The noise from brushed motors is much higher than that of brushless motors, and as the carbon brushes wear out in the future, the noise of brushed motors will increase, and brushless motor manufacturers will grow larger, while brushless motors Will not be affected.

5. When the brush motor is worn in maintenance, not only the carbon brushes but also the accessories around the motor such as the rotating teeth are replaced. The cost is much higher. Most importantly, the overall function will be affected.

In the actual production process, since the brushed DC motor is a high-speed motor, the gear teeth are small and easy to wear, but the brushless motor manufacturers have great strength and strong climbing ability. The brushless DC motor saves the trouble of changing carbon brushes in two or three years during use. However, in the process of controlling the brushless motor, extremely high precision is required. Moreover, the price of a brushless motor controller is also high. In contrast, although the brushed DC motor needs to be replaced with a carbon brush, it is very easy to replace the carbon brush, and the control of the motor is relatively simple, the motor runs smoothly, and the safety factor is high.
By comparison, brushless motor manufacturers have more advantages in using brushless motors than brushed motors. You can choose the appropriate brushed motor or brushless motor to use according to your needs.
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