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Dongguan DC brushless motor manufacturers have relatively strong R & D capabilities

The DC brushless motor manufacturer Bangtuo Transport Control has strong independent R & D and production capabilities. At present, a complete system of independent development and cooperation with foreign institutions, domestic universities and research institutes, and independent production has been formed. Especially in small power, medium power permanent magnet motors, mobile generator sets, permanent magnet motors have their own intellectual property rights.

DC brushless motor manufacturer Bangtuo Yunzhizhi set up its own motor research institute. It has a strong R & D team of motor design, electronic design, process tooling design, and its R & D, manufacturing and processing center. It has experienced motor design engineers, First-class R & D talents, including electronic design engineers, process engineers, tooling design engineers, senior technical engineers in R & D, manufacturing and processing centers, etc., have more than 20 invention patents and created many industries.

Professional talents guarantee first-class products! All products are developed with the help of powerful and perfect design software and CAE simulation system; optimized design runs through the entire design, trial production, and testing process; professional motor comprehensive test system provides detailed test data of the product, ensuring product and design requirements The strict and scientific production process guarantees the product quality and scale production capacity.

DC brushless motor manufacturer Bangtuo Transportation Controls has now developed and produced 4 series of more than 10 types of motors, from R & D, trial production to mass production. The research and development products mainly involve the automatic management system of mobile communication base station power supply, and new energy hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles and other fields. There are mainly portable mobile generator sets, electric vehicle drive motors and control systems, and electric vehicle reserve generators. The innovative use of international and domestic nano-materials in product design has enabled the motor to reach a level in terms of efficiency, volume and power density, and has achieved new breakthroughs in the field of motors.

Experienced motor design talents, skilled craftsmen, professional testing equipment, and the application of new materials and new structures will provide you with unique, economical, and first-class innovative products.
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