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Dongguan DC brushless motor manufacturers rank more reliable quality

Although the term brushless motor has only recently become popular, people always think that it is a high-tech product, far from life, but in fact, the brushless motor has penetrated into all walks of life, just you I did n’t see it, or you saw it, I did n’t recognize it. Today, I will share with you some brushless motors that I have encountered in my life.

1. Application in household appliances

The rise of variable frequency air conditioners makes the market share of brushless motors in air conditioner drives gradually increasing. In order to save costs and improve the stability of the inverter air conditioner compressor control system, the position sensorless control method is basically used in the air conditioner compressor. Actually, it has been proved that after the position sensorless control is adopted, not only the system volume is reduced, but the system efficiency is also improved. . Disk brushless DC motors (single or double stator structure) are also widely used in the spindle drive of household appliances such as VCD and DVD.

At the same time, other household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, mixers, hair dryers, cameras and household electric fans are gradually adopting brushless DC motors to replace the brushed DC motors, single-phase asynchronous motors and variable-frequency inverter-driven asynchronous motors that were previously used more. .

2. Application in the field of office automation

Motors for computer peripherals and office automation equipment. The majority of Dongguan DC brushless motor manufacturers are high-end precision motors combining advanced manufacturing technology and emerging microelectronics technology. They are technology-intensive products. Brushless DC motors have been very successful in driving spindle motors for hard disk drives, optical disk drives and floppy disk drives, as well as office equipment such as digital cameras, laser printers, copiers, fax machines, tape recorders, LD players, and shredders. Applications.

Of course, in addition to the above, there are many that we usually come into contact with, such as brushless DC motors used in automobiles. There are many other applications we can't reach, such as the use of brushless DC motors in aerospace, civil and military robots and robotic arms.
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