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DC brushless motor manufacturers describe its composition and use

The brushless DC motor manufacturer of the DC brushless motor is composed of the motor body and the driver, which is a typical mechatronic product. The stator winding of the motor is mostly made of three-phase symmetrical star connection, which is very similar to the three-phase asynchronous motor. A magnetized permanent magnet is attached to the rotor of the motor. In order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, a position sensor is installed in the motor. The driver is composed of power electronics and integrated circuits. Its function is to accept the start, stop, and brake signals of the motor to control the start, stop, and brake of the motor. It also receives position sensor signals and forward and reverse signals to control the inverse. The on-off of each power tube of the bridge produces continuous torque; it accepts speed commands and speed feedback signals to control and adjust the speed; provides protection and display and so on.
DC motors have fast response, large starting torque, and the ability to provide rated torque from zero speed to rated speed. However, the advantages of DC motors are also its disadvantages, because DC motors must produce constant rotation at rated load. The torque performance requires the armature magnetic field and rotor magnetic field to be maintained at a constant 90 °. This requires carbon brushes and commutators. Carbon brushes and commutators generate sparks and toner when the motor rotates. Therefore, in addition to causing component damage, the use of the brush is limited. AC motors do not have carbon brushes and commutators. They are maintenance-free, sturdy, and widely used. However, in order to achieve the performance equivalent to DC motors, complex control technology can be used. Nowadays, the rapid development of semiconductors has accelerated the switching frequency of power components, which has improved the performance of drive motors. The speed of the microprocessor is also getting faster and faster, which can realize the control of the AC motor in a rotating two-axis Cartesian coordinate system, and appropriately control the current component of the AC motor in the two axes to achieve similar control to the DC motor and have the equivalent of the DC motor performance.
In addition, many microprocessors have built the functions necessary to control the motor in the chip, and the size is getting smaller and smaller; like analog-to-digital converter (adc), pulse wide modulator, pwm) ... etc. The DC brushless motor is an application that controls the AC motor commutation electronically, and obtains similar DC motor characteristics without missing the DC motor mechanism.
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