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Dongguan DC brushless motor manufacturers explain the working principle and maintenance of the controller

Dongguan DC brushless motor manufacturers describe the working principle and maintenance of the controller. When the handle is turned, the speed control signal is sent to the main processing chip in the controller through the lead. The main processing chip in the controller responds according to the received signals, sends control signals and driving signals to logic circuits and power transistors, and then outputs motor control and driving signals to make the brushless motor run.

After the motor rotates, its internal position sensor (ie Hall element) will detect the position signal of the rotor magnetic poles and feed it back to the main processing chip in the controller to control the on and off states of the corresponding power transistors.

When the brake lever is pressed, the brake signal of the brake lever is sent to the controller through the connector. After the main processing chip in the controller processes the signal, the brake signal output makes the power transistor in the off state, so that Power off the brush motor to achieve the purpose of braking.

During the control of the electric bicycle, the main processing chip displays the current control signals through the connector and displays them in the indicator.

In order to know the working principle of the brushless motor, it can be divided into several main functional circuits, such as power supply circuit, starting circuit, brake circuit, speed regulation circuit, undervoltage protection circuit, and overcurrent protection circuit.

The controller and the brushless motor are usually linked by three thicker leads and three thin wires. The thicker leads are the three phase wires connected to the controller and the motor, and the five thinner leads are the controller and the motor. For the lead connected to the original, you can use a multimeter to detect the terminal voltage.

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