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Makers explain: Why use a position sensor for DC brushless motors?

The DC brushless motors supplied by Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. are also known as DC inverters because they have the characteristics of DC brushed motors and are also devices that change frequency. They are also referred to as BLDC.

Brushless DC motors are relative to brushed motors. The rotor of a brushed motor is a coil winding, which is connected to the power output shaft, and the stator is a permanent magnetic steel; the rotor of a DC brushless motor is a permanent magnet steel, which is connected to the output shaft together with the casing, and the stator is a winding coil. The brush motor is used to change the commutating brush of the electromagnetic field alternately, so it is called a brushless motor.

Anyone who uses a DC brushless motor is no stranger to position sensors. So what does a position sensor do? What is the principle? The following is explained by the editor of Bangtuo Brushless Motor Manufacturer Motor Factory:

The position sensor plays the role of determining the magnetic pole position of the rotor in the brushless DC motor, and provides correct commutation information for the logic switching circuit. That is, the position signal of the magnetic pole of the rotor steel is converted into an electrical signal, and then the stator winding is commutated. There are many types of position sensors, each with its own characteristics. There are three types of position sensors commonly used by Bangtou brushless motor manufacturers' DC brushless motors: electromagnetic position sensors, magnetic proximity sensors, and photoelectric position sensors.

(1) In electromagnetic brushless DC motors, open-ended transformers are used more often. An open-ended transformer for a three-phase DC brushless motor consists of a stator and a tracking rotor. The stator generally has six poles, and the interval between them is 60 degrees. Three of the poles are wound around a primary winding and connected in series to each other for high frequency power. The other three poles are wound around the secondary windings WA, WB, WC.

Magnetic-sensitive (2) Magnetic-sensitive position sensors refer to semiconductor sensitive elements whose electrical parameters change with the surrounding magnetic field in accordance with certain rules. Its basic principle is Hall effect and magnetoresistance effect. Common magnetic sensors include Hall elements or Hall integrated circuits, magnetic resistors, and magnetic diodes.

Photoelectric type (3) The photoelectric position sensor is made by using the photoelectric effect. It consists of a light shielding plate that rotates with the motor rotor, a fixed light source, and a photocell.

DC brushless motor is a high-tech product that integrates motor, microelectronics, control, computer and other technologies. Brushless motors are widely used in high-precision control industries such as medical, industrial control, automotive electronics and consumer electronics.

With the development of power electronics and the emergence of new permanent magnet materials, the development of DC brushless motors will be more rapid. In addition, the position sensor detects the polarity of the motor rotor at any time and place, which is more conducive to the full use and maintenance of the DC brushless motor. Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturers are committed to research and development of brushless motors and position sensor products with lower cost, simple installation and better signal processing. You can pay attention to related information of Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturers Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.

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