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Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturers introduce the selection principles of brushless motors

The brushless motors of Bangtu brushless motor manufacturers are widely used in new energy vehicles, medical equipment, industrial automation equipment and other industries due to their high torque, low noise and long life. There are many different specifications and types of brushless motors, such as smooth shaft brushless motors, brushless motors with planetary reducers, or brushless motors with worm gear reducers, 86 series, 110 series, etc. So, how to choose a brushless motor to meet the equipment performance requirements? this is very important. The following are the selection principles of brushless motors introduced by Bangtuo motor manufacturers.

1. Choose the specifications of the brushless motor. When the power supply voltage is adjustable, you can choose the motor specifications whose torque and speed are close to the value of the equipment you designed according to the actual needs, and obtain the required speed by changing the voltage. In the case of a fixed voltage, if there is no suitable brushless motor to choose from, you can first select a motor of an appropriate specification according to how much torque the device requires, and the voltage and speed of the device can be adjusted appropriately.

2. Choose the power of the brushless motor. The maximum output power of the brushless motor is limited. If the power of the DC brushless motor is too small, the motor will be overloaded if the load exceeds the rated output power. The motor heats up, vibrates, the speed drops, and the sound is abnormal. When the motor is severely overloaded, it will burn the motor. Too much power will cause economic waste. Therefore, it is important to choose the power of the brushless motor reasonably.

3. When choosing the type of brushless motor, ferrite permanent magnet DC brushless motor with high efficiency, cheap price and low temperature rise should be preferred. Only when the performance requirements are strict, the volume is small, and the ambient temperature is high, the choice of aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnet DC brushless motor or rare earth permanent magnet DC motor is considered.

Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and production of 6 series of brushless DC motors. Brushless motors have a wide range of power, speed and torque, from the smallest 10W to the largest 3000W, and from the lowest speed of 1500 revolutions. From the highest torque of 20,000 rpm, from the minimum torque of 0.06NM to the maximum of 6.8NM (the torque of the optical motor, the torque after the gearbox speed ratio increases multiples), 42MM, 57MM, 60MM, 8MM, 90MM, 110MM.

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