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Must-see DC Brushless Motor Manufacturers Knowledge Q & A Planetary Gear Reducer Selection and Maintenance

Our company has collected some of the questions that customers often search for DC brushless motor manufacturers to answer. The following are questions and answers about DC brushless motor manufacturers:
Q: What is a DC brushless motor manufacturer?
Answer: Since the controller provides DC power in different current directions, the alternating current direction of the coil in the motor is achieved. There are no brushes and commutators between the rotor and stator of a brushless motor.
Question: Why do manufacturers of brushless DC motors have three Halls?
Answer: In order to be able to rotate, manufacturers of DC brushless motors must always have a certain angle between the magnetic field of the stator coil and the magnetic field of the permanent magnet of the rotor. The process of rotating the rotor is also the process of changing the direction of the magnetic field of the rotor. In order to make the magnetic field angle between the two, the direction of the magnetic field of the stator coil must be changed to a certain degree. So how do you know to change the direction of the stator magnetic field? It depends on those three halls. It can be considered that the three Halls are tasked with telling the controller when to change the direction of the current.
Q: What is the approximate range of power consumption of DC brushless motor manufacturers' Hall?
Answer: The power consumption of the brushless motor hall is approximately 6mA-20mA.
Q: How can DC brushless motor manufacturers achieve commutation?
Answer: When the brushless motor is rotating, the current direction of the coil in the motor needs to be changed alternately so as to achieve continuous rotation of the motor. DC brushless motor manufacturers rely on the controller to complete.
Q: How high temperature can a DC brushless motor manufacturer work normally? What temperature can the motor withstand?
Answer: If the temperature of the motor cover exceeds 25 degrees above the ambient temperature, it indicates that the temperature rise of the motor has exceeded the normal range. Generally, the temperature rise of the motor should be below 20 degrees. Generally, the motor coil is wound by enameled wire, and when the temperature of the enameled wire is higher than about 150 degrees, the paint film will fall off due to the high temperature, causing a short circuit in the coil. When the coil temperature is above 150 degrees, the temperature exhibited by the brushless motor casing is about 100 degrees, so if the casing temperature is used as the basis, the highest temperature that the DC brushless motor manufacturers can withstand is 100 degrees.
Question: Why can't any one of the brushless DC controllers and DC brushless motor manufacturers connect normally to rotate? Why is there a reverse phase sequence for DC brushless?
A: Generally speaking, the manufacturers of DC brushless motors have such a process in actual movement: the motor rotates-the rotor magnetic field direction changes-when the angle between the stator magnetic field direction and the rotor magnetic field direction reaches 60 degrees electrical angle-Hall The signal changes-the phase current direction changes-the stator magnetic field spans an electrical angle of 60 degrees forward-the angle between the stator magnetic field direction and the rotor magnetic field direction is 120 electrical degrees-the motor continues to rotate. This way we understand that Hall has six correct states. When a specific Hall tells the controller, the controller has a specific phase output state. Therefore, the inversion sequence is to complete such a task, that is, to make the electrical angle of the stator always step in one direction at an electrical angle of 60 degrees.
In addition to the above points, there is a lot of knowledge about DC brushless motor manufacturers. You can follow us to see more brushless motor knowledge.
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