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Brushless DC Motor Maintenance Tips

Brushless DC motor manufacturers have both the advantages of good DC motor adjustment and starting performance, and the simple structure of asynchronous motors without maintenance. Therefore, they are used in high reliability motor speed control systems.
The motor controller is a command center for DC brushless motor manufacturers that operates normally and implements various speed-adjusting servo functions. It mainly performs the following functions: logically synthesizes various input signals and provides various control signals for the drive circuit: generating PWM pulses Wide modulation signal to realize the speed regulation of the motor: adjust the speed loop and current loop of the motor; make the system have better dynamic and static performance; implement fault protection functions such as short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection.
The controller is the driving system of the electric bicycle. It is the brain of the electric bicycle. Its main role is to improve the efficiency of the motor and the battery, save energy, protect the motor and the battery, and reduce the Degree of damage when damaged. DC brushless motor manufacturers play a key role in electric bicycles, so the first point to improve the quality and life of electric bicycles is to start with electric motors. Then the biggest potential danger of electric motors is the two major problems of short circuit and over current. Therefore, to ensure the life and quality of electric bicycles, it is necessary to design overcurrent protection for electric bicycle DC brushless motor manufacturers.
For the overcurrent protection of the DC brushless motor manufacturers, you can use the self-restoring fuse with convenient price to perform overcurrent protection on the motor. The self-recovery fuse is used to protect the motor with automatic recovery after protection, convenient installation and favorable price. In combination with various advantages, using the resettable fuse to protect the motor is the best choice.
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