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Stepper Motor Driver Selection Guide and Technical Direction

The technological development of stepper motor drivers has undergone a course of change from analog drive to digital drive, and then to closed loop.
The characteristics of the analog stepper driver are: hardware, reliability, simple control method, complicated quality control process, and poor product characteristics. For example, noise, vibration and other indicators related to the application characteristics of stepper motors cannot be further improved. At present, most of the analog drivers on the market are more reasonable in price. From the perspective of market application, they still occupy the mainstream and a large share of the market.
The characteristics of digital stepper motor driver are: software, good characteristics, complex control algorithm, simpler quality control process than analog type, and important features such as noise and vibration. Currently on the market, Leisai DM542 and Dongguan Yineng Electromechanical's MR5 and 3MR8 are mainstream products.
Closed-loop stepper motor driver: Although various types of closed-loop drivers have been introduced on the market, objectively speaking, in addition to adding the position closed-loop function, the actual characteristics of the stepper motor being driven, such as the load starting frequency , Vibration characteristics, etc., the current products on the market, there is no special improvement and qualitative leap. In response to this shortcoming of products on the market, Dongguan Yineng Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is stepping up research and development, and strives to launch a closed-loop stepper motor driver with great improvements in characteristics at the end of 2015 to meet customer needs and repay customers for many years Love and support.
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