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60 DC brushless motor selection precautions

60 DC brushless motor is a commonly used brushless motor. Many customers will encounter various problems when using this model of products, especially in the selection:
1. Power problem of 60 brushless motors: Generally, the maximum power of brushless motors on the market will not exceed 200W. If it exceeds 200W, the current domestic 60 brushless motors will have excessive heat, so they should not be too demanding. Motor power, otherwise brushless motor damage will occur after a period of use.
2. The brushless DC driver for 60 brushless motors is generally not less than 1.5 times the power of 60 brushless motors, otherwise it is used in some fast-start or emergency braking applications. The probability of damage to a brushless drive is very high. The choice of the DC brushless driver should consider reliability as much as possible, because if the overload capacity of the brushless driver is not large enough, the reliability of the entire system will be reduced, and this or other problems will occur during use.
3. If the selected supporting driver is a low-voltage DC brushless driver, then the selected power supply is also very important. If the power of the power supply is insufficient, the power supply voltage will suddenly drop due to the excessive output power during the emergency start. As a result, the self-protection phenomenon of the DC brushless driver appears.
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