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Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Bangtuo Brushless Motor) reached a strategic cooperation with a German company, focusing on the production of DC brushless motors. It is a manufacturer that applies German technology and imported materials to produce DC brushless motors.

Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturers have advanced and precise manufacturing equipment, high-tech German technical guidance, and a domestic high-quality technical team to create high-tech, innovative enterprises, and high-efficiency DC brushless motor products for customers And strategic partners to provide better, more efficient and most reliable products and services.

100多种型号/规格产品,为各行业传动设备提供着源源不断的动力源。 The core products produced by Bangtuo include: DC brushless motors, precision planetary reducers, gear reducers, worm gear reducers, stepper motors, and brushless drives, stepper drives and other more than 100 models / specifications, for various industries Transmission equipment provides a constant source of power.

Benefits of using a DC brushless motor:

① The motor has high efficiency, especially under the load range, the motor can still maintain high efficiency, which is very important for precious battery energy.

②Wide speed range, the motor can run in low, middle and high speed range.

③ The overload capacity is strong, which meets the needs of the equipment's protruding stall.

④ There is no mechanical commutator, and the fully enclosed structure is used to prevent dust from entering the motor and has high reliability.

⑤ The motor control system is simpler than the asynchronous motor.

⑥ Low noise, meeting European and American environmental protection requirements

DC brushless motor products are used in electric light source equipment, electronic equipment, sewage treatment equipment, lithium battery equipment, logistics equipment, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, hardware machinery, hemodialysis machines, coating machinery, textile machinery, filling machinery, automatic Feeder, animal husbandry machinery, breeding machinery, CNC machine tools, industrial robots, packaging machinery, carton machinery, engraving machines, injection molding machines, air compressors and general machinery and other automation control fields and new energy electric vehicle fields. Since the establishment of the Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturer, adhering to the sustainable development strategy and the idea of improving the quality of the motor together with users, we are committed to becoming the world's first-class supplier of transmission and control motors!

20个国家,国内34个省市,已为各行各业提供十余年的产品和服务,其中世界五百强企业超50家,使用下来从未出现质量投诉事件,被评为可信任品牌单位。 Bangtuo's DC brushless motors have been exported to 20 countries and 34 provinces and cities in the world for low noise, high transmission efficiency, simple structure, reliable operation and easy control . Products and services, including more than 50 of the world's top 500 companies, have never experienced quality complaints after use, and have been rated as trusted brand units. Bangtuo will continue to maintain the "professional, dedicated, innovative, and service" business philosophy, and work with users in various industries for long-term cooperation to develop more high-end brushless motors and matching reducers to meet market demand.

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