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很多做泵,做AGV车等客户都想要了解最近邦拓无刷电机推出的新型无刷电机,现在这里就给大家普及一下无刷电机的一些知识。 There are many pumps, AGV cars and other customers on the market who want to know about the new brushless motors recently launched by Bangtu Brushless Motors. Now here is some knowledge about brushless motors. Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing brushless motors .

Brushless motors are DC motors and permanent magnet DC motors. It is a permanent magnet synchronous motor like the servo motor we are familiar with. Brushless motors are all square waves, and the efficiency of the square wave to convert kinetic energy is 80%. The servo motor is a sine wave, and the efficiency of the sine wave to convert kinetic energy is 90%.

The core three basic components of a brushless motor are: Hall plate, magnet and coil. The coil, as we all know, determines the power; magnets, we usually use magnetic tiles, a magnetic tile has 2 poles, 1 pair of poles, so if there are 4 magnetic tiles in the motor, it is 4 poles 8 pairs of poles; The Hall plate has 3 sensing points, and each sensing point is 120 ° apart. In the case of 8 pairs of poles, there is 3 * 8 = 24 signal feedbacks in one revolution.

In addition, the stator part of the brushless motor: shell (silicon steel sheet); flange, lower shell (aluminum alloy), coil. The factors that affect the quality of the motor are the grade of the silicon steel sheet, to see if it is integrally formed, the uniformity of the cuts, the materials used, and so on. Good motor silicon steel sheet is generally not exposed.

If the brushless motor needs remote control, the communication protocol needs to support <232 protocol, 485 protocol, can protocol (supports 1 to many)>, and it is controlled by the host computer, which means that the host computer issues instructions to the driver to operate according to the instructions, so there is no The brush motor must be equipped with a driver. The distance between the brushless motor and the driver is generally within 6 meters, and the distance between the computer and the driver is currently the longest at 60M. The interface on the drive is analog.

The use of brushless motors, the use temperature: -25 ℃-+60 ℃; the use of cold places in the north need to consider the grease of the reducer needs to be replaced with low temperature grease. If the recommended power of the 57 series brushless motor is less than 70W for a long time, otherwise the heat will be very large.

Since the brushless motor is a new type of motor, many equipment manufacturers have not mastered it in terms of technology. If you need to learn more about brushless motors, you can continue to pay attention to our official website of Bangtu Brushless Motors, and will continuously update the information of brushless motors. You can also consult our technicians 13532972639

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