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How to solve the brushless motor overload? A friend usually asks Bangtu brushless motor manufacturers for questions in this regard. Therefore, this article will share with you the solutions after brushless motor overload.

The overload phenomenon may occur in the following situations:

电机过载时会直接停机,这个是出于驱动器的保护机制,需要重新关闭再开启才能正常运作。 First, the brushless motor will directly stop when it is overloaded. This is due to the protection mechanism of the drive. It needs to be turned off and on again to operate normally.

2. When the brushless motor is overloaded, the driver's fault light flashes in green and red intervals.

ADC 即启动和停止时间调慢一点,让电机缓慢加载这样有可能拉更高的负载,有很多较大的负载如果一下子加载过重的负载,容易直接过载,因为无刷电机在启动至额定转速的时候扭矩较低,只有堵转的时候扭矩才会超过额定扭矩。 Third, if the brushless motor is overloaded, you can adjust the ADC to slow down the start and stop time, and let the motor load slowly. This may pull higher loads. There are many large loads. If you overload the load at once, It is easy to directly overload because the torque of the brushless motor is low when starting to the rated speed, and the torque will exceed the rated torque only when the rotor is blocked.

1 倍以上运行,但是只能短时间运行,时间过长会容易烧坏电机或者驱动器。 4. Sometimes it can run more than 1 times the rated current of the motor , but it can only run for a short time. If the time is too long, it will easily burn out the motor or driver.

50 分钟后温度达到平稳,空转时大致是 80 °,电机运行的分贝为 60 分贝以内,带上负载后温度可能会下降,因为负载会带走部分热能,带载或者配行星减速机的时候有可能会降低噪声,因为电机转速降低了。 Fifth, the temperature of the brushless motor reaches a stable level after running for 50 minutes, and it is about 80 ° when idling. The decibel of the motor is within 60 decibels. The temperature may drop when the load is carried, because the load will take away some of the heat energy. When equipped with a planetary reducer, noise may be reduced because the motor speed is reduced.

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