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Brushless DC motor is also called brushless motor, brushless DC motor. Why are more and more equipment factories choosing to use brushless DC motors instead of brushed motors? 机有着起动扭矩大、变速平稳、制造简单,成本低廉的优点。 Although the brushed motor has the advantages of large starting torque, smooth speed change, simple manufacturing and low cost.

Anyone who has used a brushed motor must have had such an experience. Brushed DC motors have high heat, short life, low efficiency, low output power, and low torque. After a period of use, the motor needs to be turned on to clean the carbon brush, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the maintenance intensity is no less than a home cleaning.

--- 直流无刷电机。 That's right, it is these shortcomings of brushed motors that allow smart humans to develop new ideas and develop motors that can be used instead of brushed motors --- brushless DC motors.

Due to the structural principle of the brushed DC motor, the contact resistance between the brush and the commutator is very large, causing the overall resistance of the motor to be large, and it is easy to generate heat. The permanent magnet is a thermal element. When the temperature is too high, the magnetic steel will demagnetize This will reduce the performance of the motor and affect the service life of the brushed motor. In addition, brushed motors generate heat to a large extent because the current does work on the internal resistance of the motor, so electrical energy is largely converted into thermal energy, so the output power of brushed DC motors is not large and the efficiency is not high. The emergence of DC brushless motors has made up for these shortcomings of brushed motors, so more and more equipment factories have begun to use DC brushless motors instead of brushed motors.

What's so good about a DC brushless motor? Why can it be used instead of a brushed motor? Because the brushless motor has no carbon brushes, no electric sparks are generated during operation, which reduces the interference of electric sparks on remote control radio equipment. Its no-load resistance mainly comes from the rotating contact points between the stator and the rotor, so ball bearings are generally used at both ends of the rotor of a DC brushless motor to reduce friction! In this way, there will not be a lot of frictional resistance and heat, so the brushless motor has extremely high transmission efficiency and speed. 低噪声;响应速度快 ; 使用长寿命;低噪音;输出扭矩大;免维护。 Since the emergence of brushless motors makes up for the shortcomings of brushed motors, the advantages of DC brushless motors can be summarized as follows: high speed; high efficiency; low noise; fast response speed ; long life; low noise; large output torque; maintain.

DC brushless motors are not perfect. If brushless motors also have disadvantages, it is that the price of the brushless motor controller is relatively high, the control circuit of the brushless motor is more complicated, and the aging and screening requirements for components are more stringent. Therefore, the selection of DC brushless motors must pass strict reliability tests to ensure quality.

     With the continuous upgrade of the technology of Bangtu brushless motor manufacturers to produce motors, the technology of Bangtu brand DC brushless motors has become more and more mature. 15W 3KW, 支持定制转速、电压、功率等参数。 Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturers supply brushless motors from 15W to 3KW, supporting custom speed, voltage, power and other parameters.

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