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  Due to the use of mechanical brushes, brushless DC motors have a series of problems such as mechanical friction, noise, electric sparks, radio interference, etc., coupled with high manufacturing costs and difficult maintenance, which greatly limit their application scope.

Brushless DC motors use electronic steering gears to replace mechanical brushes and commutators, maintaining the excellent characteristics of brushed DC motors, and eliminating the "sickness" of brushes and commutators. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, high efficiency and easy maintenance.

Brushless DC motor is usually composed of three parts: motor body, rotor position sensor and power switch circuit.

Take a look at the KV value of the brushless motor defined as: speed / V, which means that the input voltage increases by 1 volt, and the speed value of the brushless motor idling speed increases. Therefore, the input of the voltage of the brushless motor and the idling speed of the motor follow a strict linear proportional relationship. The larger the value, the higher the voltage, the faster the speed increases, and the larger the KV value, the larger the peak current, but not The bigger the better, the torque will be sacrificed, and the peak power will be large. KV times the voltage is equal to the number of revolutions per minute of the motor. As for whether it is higher, the better, of course not, the corresponding KV has the corresponding torque and can be equipped with the corresponding propeller. I do n’t understand the technical parameters here when purchasing brushless motors, we all have technical support in this regard.

Brushless DC motors for industrial sewing machines

Its advantage is that it can realize forward and reverse. 动返缝、自动割线和自动挑线三个自动控制功能。 Quick start and braking, high positioning accuracy, large overload capacity and low vibration. At the same time, it realizes three automatic control functions of automatic sewing, automatic thread cutting and automatic thread picking of industrial sewing machines . 等,采用无刷直流电机可以满足机械设备的高精度、高效率、高性能的要求。 In addition, in numerical control processing equipment, industrial intelligent robots, automated production lines, automatic textiles, packaging, metallurgy, etc., the use of brushless DC motors can meet the requirements of high precision, high efficiency and high performance of mechanical equipment. 机。 Most light industrial machines that require speed and position control also use brushless motors .

Application in precision electronic equipment and instruments
For example, due to the needs of surgery, orthopedic medical equipment requires its power system to be continuously variable over a wide range to meet the requirements of milling, drilling, sawing and other occasions. 驱动电机是单相交直流串励电机及电压调节器,其缺点是噪声大;由于电刷和换相器的存在,致使手术前无法消毒,给手术的效果造成一定的影 响;同时需要定时更换电刷及电机维护。 However, the existing drive motors for orthopedic medical devices are single-phase AC-DC series-excited motors and voltage regulators, which have the disadvantage of high noise; the existence of brushes and inverters makes it impossible to sterilize before surgery, which results in a certain effect on the operation. The impact of brushes and motor maintenance need to be replaced regularly. After applying the brushless DC motor as the drive system, it has the advantages of low noise, wide-range speed regulation, small size and light weight. 机硬,软盘驱动、录象机鼓驱动、激光打印机、复印机、卫星上太阳能帆板驱动、仪用通风机、血液分析仪、医护监控设备等领域的应用正在逐 步取代有刷电机。 In addition , applications in the fields of computer hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, video recorder drum drives, laser printers, copiers, solar windsurfing drives on satellites, ventilators for instruments, blood analyzers, and medical monitoring equipment are gradually replacing brushed motors. . This type of brushless DC motor is small in size and high in processing accuracy. It is technology-intensive and has a huge demand.

DC brushless motors or AC brushless motors can be customized with various specifications, please contact us for details.

Advantages of brushless DC motors: low noise design, small size and high power, rich models, long service life.

Its power is 6W to 120W, and the reduction ratio is from 1: 3 to 1: 2000. There are single-phase induction motors, three-phase induction motors; continuous operation, reversible, braking; and permanent magnet DC brush motors.

First, single-phase induction motor

Capacitive induction motor can be used for continuous operation, high power and low noise.

Second, reversible motor

With instantaneous switching forward and reverse function, the steering switching is almost inaccurate. Because it adopts balanced winding method and built-in simple brake mechanism. It can switch forward and reverse in an instant.

Three, electromagnetic brake motor

It can brake in a short period of time, and starts at 2 to 3 revolutions when no load is applied. It exerts safe braking performance.

Fourth, speed control motor

With the speed controller, it has a wide adjustable speed range: 90 ~ 1400RPM. There is a speed sensor inside to implement feedback control. Therefore, the frequency of the power supply changes, and the specified number of revolutions never changes.

Five, three-phase motor DC motor

The speed of the three-phase motor can be adjusted by adding an inverter; the speed of the DC motor can be adjusted by changing the voltage applied to achieve the speed adjustment function.

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