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Brushless motors (DC brushless motors) belong to the mechanical category. The motors have been used for a long time. With the application of new products, old products will be gradually eliminated. At this time, how to extend brushless motors (DC brushless motors) The life expectancy is an issue we need to think about. There are many reasons for the burnout of brushless motors (DC brushless motors). According to statistics, the causes of accidents from 9k to 37kw motor accidents show that: 30% overload; pollution such as air corrosion 19%; phase loss 14%; bearing 13 %; Components aging 10%; rotor failure 5%; other. Among them, the accident caused by heat is more than 50%.

Overload is generally a brushless motor (DC brushless motor) running for a long time with overcurrent, overheating operation, frequent starting or braking, and wiring errors. The cause of overheating is: overload operation, causing the motor to heat up. Or the motor starts frequently, causing the motor to overheat. The windings all turn black, and the end bands become discolored and become brittle or even broken. This kind of burning opportunity occurs when the two ends of the fixed rotor of the motor are burned, and the burned parts are more uniform. Generally, the motor has a fixed operating power, which is called rated power, and the unit is watt (W). If the actual power of the motor exceeds the rated power of the brushless motor, this phenomenon is called motor overload.

Humidity, humidity itself will erode the motor parts, when the humidity and particulate pollutants in the air are mixed, it is even more harmful to the motor

Fatal injuries, further reducing motor life. Dust and pollution. Various suspended particles in the air will enter the interior of the motor and cause various hazards. Corrosive particles can wear components, and conductive particles can interfere with component current. Once the particles block the cooling channel, they will accelerate overheating. Obviously, choosing the correct IP protection level can alleviate the pollution problems caused by the motor to a certain extent and extend the service life of the motor.

     Phase loss, the current of the motor will increase when the phase is missing, and the phase loss will be burned due to the increased current and heating for a long time.接触器的线圈Y0接,监视3相的相电压There are three solutions to the lack of phase of the motor. One or three relays or contactor coils Y0 are connected to monitor the three-phase phase voltage . The normally open contacts of the three relays are connected in series and then connected into the contactor coil circuit of the motor. In this case, if the three-phase power is normal, the three relays are all closed, the three normally open contacts are closed, and the contactor coil circuit of the motor can work normally; if the power supply is out of phase, at least one relay must not be attracted. Close, the contactor coil circuit of the motor is disconnected, the contactor cannot be pulled in, or it is forcibly disconnected, which has the function of phase failure protection. 、启动时间过长保护、 不平衡电流保护等。 At present, there are many kinds of special phase-open protection relays in China. The principle is similar to the above, which can simplify your wiring and take up less space in the control cabinet. The use of brushless motor intelligent protectors has small size and multiple functions. There can be quick-break protection, over-current protection , long startup time protection, unbalanced current protection, etc. There are many such products, and the price is not expensive.

Bearings, bearing wear is an irreversible phenomenon during the use of brushless motors. Therefore, good maintenance is necessary. Bearing damage is related to bearing oil shortage, bearing wear and heat generation, and high-power motor bearings must be used frequently. Change, often refuel to extend service life

Component aging, component aging is inevitable for every motor, and the service life of each motor has time

Restricted and harsh environments. Unprofessional maintenance and repairs may accelerate the old process of motor components. Reasonable operation and professional maintenance can avoid accelerated aging of components.

How to extend the service life of the motor, in addition to the normal use of the motor in normal operation and operation

In addition to monitoring and maintenance, you also need to do a good job of motor maintenance. This will not only eliminate some minor problems with the motor,

Prevent safety accidents during use, and prolong the service life of the motor.

The following are the matters for motor maintenance:

、日常清洁电机。 1. Clean the motor daily. Remove the dust and sludge from the motor base in time to facilitate the heat dissipation of the motor and keep it

Insulation between electrodes and ground.

、注意轴承温度。 2. Pay attention to bearing temperature. Measure the bearing temperature with the feel of a hand or a meter. If abnormal temperature rise is found, stop the machine to check the cause.

、检查和清洁电机接线端子。 3. Check and clean the motor terminals. Check whether the terminal box connection screws are loose or rusted, and handle them in time to avoid excessive contact resistance.

、检查电机各部分固定螺丝。 4. Check the fixing screws of each part of the motor. Including anchor screws, end cap screws, bearing cap screws, etc., tighten the loose nuts.

、检查传动装置的皮带轮或联轴器对中情况。 5. Check the alignment of the pulley or coupling of the transmission. Eliminate hidden dangers that affect the life of motor bearings.

、电机的润滑。 6. Lubrication of motor. Replenish grease in strict accordance with the maintenance system.

、大修。 7. Overhaul. Enter the factory for overhaul according to the maintenance cycle, replace the bearings according to the operating hours, check the windings for damage, looseness and clean the inside of the motor.

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