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Miniature gear reducer is the main transmission component of wind turbine. Miniature gear reducer is mainly located between the split wheel and the generator to transmit power to increase the speed. It is a kind of heavy load that works under the effect of irregular changing load and instant strong impact load. Carry gear transmission. So what causes the damage of the miniature gear reducer? The following editor will explain it for everyone:
1. The impact of the operating conditions of the miniature gear reducer: During the operation of different gearboxes, overheating of gear oil or overheating of the generator will occur, causing the unit to stop. Gearboxes work under high oil temperature conditions for a long time and they can aggravate the occurrence of micropitting.
2. The effect of micropitting: Micropitting is a kind of microscopic fatigue wear phenomenon, which usually occurs at sliding contact points of elastic dynamic lubrication. The phenomenon is a gray surface on the contact surface, which is a kind of more uniform fatigue. At the same time, wear and micropitting are also the causes of gearbox damage. In the early stage of micropitting, the surface of the tooth is generally exfoliated and polished, which gradually causes gray spots and tooth surface hairs. Finally, the gear fails and the gearbox is damaged. .
3, the impact of internal pollution of the micro gear reducer: from the analysis and consideration of the manufacturing and transportation of the micro gear reducer, during the manufacturing process of the box of the micro gear reducer, it is inevitable that iron dust and other working waste will enter the gear by mistake. The box body of the box causes pollution of the miniature gear reducer. At the connection point of the miniature gear reducer, the sealant will squeeze into the miniature gear reducer casing, causing pollution of the miniature gear reducer.
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