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With the current wide application of machinery, the importance of DC geared motors cannot be ignored. It is an indispensable power supply device in machinery. DC geared motors have a wide range of applications. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of DC geared motors in daily life. Let ’s take a look.
1. There are many types of couplings used in DC geared motors, but it is best not to use rigid fixed couplings. The installation of such couplings is difficult, and the load will increase if improperly installed It is easy to cause bearing damage and even cause the output shaft to break.
2. When installing a DC geared motor, pay special attention to the centering of the transmission center axis. The error of the centering cannot exceed the compensation amount of the coupling used by the DC geared motor. After the reducer is aligned as required, a more ideal transmission effect and a longer service life can be obtained.
3. When the transmission gear is installed on the output shaft of the DC geared motor, you must pay attention to the soft operation. It is prohibited to use a hammer and other tools for rough installation. It is best to use the assembly fixture and the internal thread of the end shaft to install it with bolts. Press the transmission parts into the reducer to protect the internal parts of the reducer from damage.
4. The fixing of the DC geared motor is very important. To ensure stability and firmness, in general, we should install the DC geared motor on a horizontal foundation or base. At the same time, the oil in the oil drain tank should be able to be drained and the cooling air circulation should be smooth. The DC geared motor is not well fixed and the foundation is unreliable. It will cause phenomena such as vibration and vibration, and will cause unnecessary damage to the bearings and gears. When necessary, the transmission coupling should be equipped with protective devices, such as protrusions on the coupling or the use of gears and sprockets. If the radial load on the output bearing is large, the reinforced type should also be selected.
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