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As a speed-controllable motor, the DC brushless motor has been a topic of great interest in the industry for a long time, and people are scrambling to study it. In industrial applications, high-accuracy speed-adjusted DC Brush motors are favored and are currently dominated by products from European, American or Japanese motor manufacturers.
The speed control accuracy of the DC brushless motor is subject to the control performance of the DC brushless motor driver. Do not accommodate the good performance of the DC brushless motor driver. With excellent algorithms and strong current sampling and control capabilities, the speed of the motor can be adjusted. Controlled within one-thousandths of accuracy. However, only a good DC brushless motor driver is only one of the necessary conditions for good speed accuracy control. Another necessary condition is that the Hall position accuracy of the DC brushless motor also needs to maintain a high level of adjustment.
At present, most domestic manufacturers of DC brushless motors do not pay enough attention to the adjustment of the motor's Hall position, and at the same time, there is no relevant position accuracy detection method. Generally speaking, the position of Hall should be ensured with necessary fixtures when assembling the motor. At the same time, in the initial stage of product design and mass production, an oscilloscope is used to confirm the type of the DC brushless motor product to be finalized to ensure The accuracy of the Hall position is guaranteed to be within an error range of about 1 degree, and then it is possible to form a good match with a high-accuracy DC brushless motor driver and achieve higher system performance.
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