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1. Measure the resistance according to the resistance value marked on the stepper motor. The stepping motor is divided into two windings, and the structure of the two windings is exactly the same. The center end of each winding is symmetrical and equal to the other two ends, and it is consistent with the marked resistance. The arrangement order of different motor leads is different. When measuring, you can first use a multimeter to divide the leads into two groups, and then use the method of measuring resistance to find the center tap end of each group. The center end should be equal to the other ends and correspond to the marked resistance value. If the resistance value is not symmetrical or different from the marked resistance value, the motor may be damaged.
2. Some stepper motors have two identical windings, but no center tap end. When measuring, you can first test whether the resistance values of the two windings are equal, and should be consistent with the motor label, and then use the power supply test. During the test, the two poles of the power supply are alternately touched at both ends of each winding. At this time, the stepping motor should rotate step by step and be equally strong step by step, otherwise the motor will be damaged.
3. Use the power voltage marked on the stepper motor for the test. If there is no mark on the motor, start with a lower voltage and then gradually increase the voltage to test. One end of the power supply is connected to the center end of a winding, and the other end of the power supply alternately touches the other ends of the winding. At this time, the stepper motor should be rotated step by step, and each step should be equally strong, otherwise the motor is damaged. Attention should be paid to the test. If the winding of the stepping motor has a serious short circuit, do not test it, otherwise the power will be burned out.
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