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What is a servo system? What is excitation control?

Servo system, also known as servo system, is the basic part of the automation system. It is an automatic control system with power amplification function composed of several components and components. DC servo systems are suitable for a wide range of power, including control objects from tens of watts to tens of kilowatts.

Technical characteristics of brushless DC motors

There are two types of motors used in AC systems: induction motors and permanent magnet synchronous motors. Permanent magnet synchronous motors can be divided into sine wave back-EMF permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM) and square wave Electric potential brushless DC motors (BLDCM), due to different working principles, make their drive currents and control methods different.

Hall Brush Tuning and Speed Control Precision of Brushless DC Motor

As a speed-controllable motor, the DC brushless motor has been a topic of great interest in the industry for a long time, and people are scrambling to study it. In industrial applications, high-accuracy speed-adjusted DC Brush motors are favored and are currently dominated by products from European, American or Japanese motor manufacturers.

Relationship between stepper motor driver voltage and motor characteristics

Stepping motors are multi-polar (generally 50 pairs of poles) synchronous motors. Each time the current polarity of the stator is changed, the rotor can turn by 1.8 degrees. Therefore, it can be used as an electrical pulse signal to convert into angular displacement or linear displacement. mechanism. In fact, the operation of a stepping motor is mainly driven by the torque generated by the current flowing through the stator to drive the rotor. The control of the motor current is completed by a stepper motor driver. It converts the pulse signal sent by the controller into the angular displacement of the motor. Therefore, the stepper driver can be used as a power amplifier. Its main task is to modulate the motor operation required by PWM. Of current.

Comparison of Stepping Motor Driver Shell and Thermal Design Schemes

After years of development, stepper motor drivers have been widely used in various types of automation equipment with the vigorous development of large-scale applications of domestic automation applications. According to the relevant statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the total number of domestic stepper motor driver sales reached about 10 million in 2014. If the number of dedicated ASIC stepper motor drivers integrated into the main board of the automation equipment control system is added, the overall The number of units has reached the scale of tens of millions.
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