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Must-see knowledge of brushless DC motors

In order to rotate the DC brushless motor, there must always be a certain angle between the magnetic field of the stator coil and the magnetic field of the permanent magnet of the rotor. The process of rotating the rotor is also the process of changing the direction of the magnetic field of the rotor. In order to make the magnetic field angle between the two, the direction of the magnetic field of the stator coil must be changed to a certain degree. So how do you know to change the direction of the stator magnetic field? It depends on those three halls. It can be considered that the three Halls are tasked with telling the controller when to change the direction of the current

More and more use of brushless DC motor driver

Brushless DC motor is also called brushless motor driver, brushless DC motor driver. Why are more and more equipment factories choosing to use brushless DC motor drivers instead of brushed motor drivers? 有着起动扭矩大、变速平稳、制造简单,成本低廉的优点。 Although the brushed motor driver has the advantages of large starting torque, smooth speed change, simple manufacturing, and low cost.

What is a brushless motor driver and how is it different from a brushed motor driver

When the motor driver works, the coil and the commutator rotate, the magnetic steel and the carbon brush do not rotate, and the alternating change of the coil current direction is completed by the commutator and the carbon brush that rotate with the motor. The strength of a brushed motor is greater than that of a brushless motor, with fewer wires, so a positive and negative and a negative wire. If the motor is reversed, just reverse the positions of the two wires and you can complete it. In the electric vehicle industry, there are high-speed brush motors and low-speed brush motors. There are many differences between brushed motors and brushless motors. The easiest way to distinguish them is: brushed motors have carbon brushes, and brushless motors do not have carbon brushes. However, the brush motor is relatively noisy, and the brush motor has been basically eliminated.

Application of DC Brushless Motor Driver in Automobile

Brushless DC motor drivers do not require brushes and commutators, can solve space-constrained system designs, and do not have to worry about general wear, sparks and noise, provide good control, and provide variable speed control for specific applications in cars. Brushless DC motor drivers can also improve fuel efficiency and save energy. DC brushless motor drivers have the following applications in automobiles:

Working principle of brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motors use electronic steering gears to replace mechanical brushes and commutators, maintaining the excellent characteristics of brushed DC motors, and eliminating the "sickness" of brushes and commutators. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable performance, high efficiency and easy maintenance.
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