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What is the difference between a stepper motor and a servo motor?

Stepper motor is a kind of discrete motion device, which has essential connection with modern digital control technology. In current domestic digital control systems, the application of stepper motors is very wide. With the advent of all-digital AC servo systems, AC servo motors are increasingly used in digital control systems. In order to adapt to the development trend of digital control, most of the motion control systems use stepper motors or all-digital AC servo motors as executive motors. Although the two are very similar in position control mode (pulse train and direction signal), there is a big difference in performance and application. Now compare the performance of the two.

What are the causes of damage to the micro gear reducer

Miniature gear reducer is the main transmission component of wind turbine. Miniature gear reducer is mainly located between the split wheel and the generator to transmit power to increase the speed. It is a kind of heavy load that works under the effect of irregular changing load and instant strong impact load. Carry gear transmission.

What to pay attention to when using DC geared motors

With the current wide application of machinery, the importance of DC geared motors cannot be ignored. It is an indispensable power supply device in machinery. DC geared motors have a wide range of applications. It is necessary to pay attention to the use of DC geared motors in daily life. Let ’s take a look.

Common problems and related solutions of stepper motors

A stepper motor controller is an electronic product that can emit a uniform pulse signal. After the signal sent to the stepper driver is converted by the driver into a strong current signal required by the stepper motor, the stepper motor is driven. The stepper motor controller can accurately control the stepper motor to turn at every angle. The following describes the common problems and related solutions of stepper motors.

Quick maintenance method of stepping motor

Measure the resistance according to the resistance value marked on the stepper motor. The stepping motor is divided into two windings, and the structure of the two windings is exactly the same. The center end of each winding is symmetrical and equal to the other two ends, and it is consistent with the marked resistance value. The arrangement order of different motor leads is different. When measuring, you can first use a multimeter to divide the leads into two groups, and then use the method of measuring resistance to find the center tap end of each group. The center end should be equal to the other ends and correspond to the marked resistance value. If the resistance value is not symmetrical or different from the marked resistance value, the motor may be damaged.
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