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Manufacturer of brushless motors

Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Bangtuo Brushless Motor) reached a strategic cooperation with a German company, focusing on the production of DC brushless motors. It is a manufacturer that applies German technology and imported materials to produce DC brushless motors.

Bangtuo brushless motor manufacturers have advanced and precise manufacturing equipment, high-tech German technical guidance, and a domestic high-quality technical team to create high-tech, innovative enterprises, and high-efficiency DC brushless motor products for customers And strategic partners to provide better, more efficient and most reliable products and services.

Bangtuo's new motors leave the factory, popularizing brushless motor knowledge to everyone

很多做泵,做AGV车等客户都想要了解最近邦拓无刷电机推出的新型无刷电机,现在这里就给大家普及一下无刷电机的一些知识。 There are many pumps, AGV cars and other customers on the market who want to know about the new brushless motors recently launched by Bangtu Brushless Motors. Now here is some knowledge about brushless motors. 的。 Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in producing brushless motors .

How to solve the brushless motor overload

How to solve the brushless motor overload? A friend usually asks Bangtu brushless motor manufacturers for questions in this regard. Therefore, this article will share with you the solutions after brushless motor overload.

The overload phenomenon may occur in the following situations:

Brushless motor manufacturer Bangtuo supplies DC brushless motors with power less than 3KW

Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bangtuo Motor) specializes in R & D and production of DC brushless motors. Many customers who plan to use DC brushless motors often ask what motors are supplied by Bangtuo Motors? What is the maximum power of a brushless DC motor? Most of these consultants who asked such questions clearly about brushless motors are presumably interested in or about to use brushless motors. Therefore, as a brushless motor manufacturer, popularizing the knowledge of DC brushless motors naturally The responsibility of the extension motor. The following is the knowledge of DC brushless motors popularized by DC brushless motor manufacturers.

Analysis of the Causes of Burnout of DC Brushless Motors

Brushless motors (DC brushless motors) belong to the mechanical category. The motors have been used for a long time. With the application of new products, the old products will be gradually eliminated. At this time, how to extend the brushless motors (DC brushless motors) The life expectancy is an issue we need to think about.
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