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Bangtuo Yun control
Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Bonto Dongguan Bangtuo Transportation Control Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd. is specialized in the automatic motion control industry, specializing in: stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, DC brushless motors, DC brushless drivers and other products.
Our products are mainly used in supporting applications of motion control products such as automation equipment, intelligent machinery, and robots. At present, our main applications are: electronics industry, glue dispensing, soldering machine screw machine, grinding drilling and polishing equipment, AGV truck ... all kinds of automation applications. We can provide customized services to meet your needs is our driving force.

Address: 610, 6th Floor, No. 5, Jianshazhou Avenue, Jianshazhou Community, Wanjiang Street, Dongguan City
Contact: Mr. Qi / 186-6510-4269

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